Assessments and Training

M&T provides our clients a Comprehensive Skills and Knowledge Assessment for candidates they are considering hiring and for current employees. Courses are designed for those who regularly interact with customers and, when appropriately trained, can significantly affect customer satisfaction and overall product support sales. We offer Certified Learning, Training, and Testing for all product support positions such as Parts Warehouse/Counter Back-up, Parts Counter Salespeople, Parts and Service Managers, Regional Managers, Shop Supervisors, CSA/PSR, Admins, and many other P/S-related functions.

Through our partnership with Learning Without Scars, we offer both employees and employers something that matters: continuous improvement to the benefit of each."


LWS is a fully accredited provider of continuing education through the International Accreditors of Continuing Education and Training (IACET). This accreditation sets LWS apart as the first and only education provider in our industry to hold outside accreditation. 

How Comprehensive Skill Assessments Work

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Your employees are a vital asset in the business you do every day. Assessments and employee development programs foster the business's continued circle of success. We have assessments for each position in Parts, Service, and Inside/Outside Product Support Selling and Marketing.

The assessments cost $125.00 and are used by our clients in various meaningful ways. 

  1. Recruiting: Our clients use the assessments while recruiting new employees to help reduce bad hires significantly. Learn exactly where your hiring candidate compares knowledge-wise to others in the same job position across the country. The evaluation gives you much more helpful information on your candidate's current skills and knowledge - before you make a final offer.
  2. Performance Reviews: The assessments can be used in the annual performance review with each employee.  
  3. Wages and Salaries: The assessments are used as an objective foundation related to establishing the wages and salaries paid to the employees.
  4. Employee Development: All of our clients want to hire and promote from within, and all employees want to know they have a chance to move up. Now both have an affordable tool to do so. The assessments create individualized employee development programs customized for each employee in the parts and service business teams. See more on employee Career Path Training below.
  5. Assessment Score: Upon completion of a specific Job Functions Skills Assessment the student will receive their score (0-100). This score will rank their skills based on the results we have seen from the thousands of assessments taken. These skill categories are Developing (0-50), Beginning (51-75), Intermediate (76-90), and Advanced (91-100). This category level will identify the specific classes needed to allow them to improve their skill level.
  6. Assessment Duration: Each assessment is limited to 60-minutes to complete.

Equipment Technicians and Mechanics  


We provide two Technician Assessments designed for Heavy and Light Construction or Rental Equipment techs.   

At the cost of $125.00, our Technician Assessments can help you build and plan the training needed to compile and train a well-rounded tech team.  

The Construction Industry Technician comprehensive skills assessment covers the four significant areas of equipment; Engine, Drive Train, Hydraulics, and Electrical. In creating this assessment, we have taken into consideration all major manufacturers.

The Rental Industry Technician comprehensive skills assessment is similar to the construction equipment techs and covers the four major equipment areas. In creating the Comprehensive Rental Technician Assessments, we have considered while many rental techs are highly skilled senior-level techs, many rental techs do not need the skills to repair and rebuild major componentry daily.

We have created thirty multiple-choice questions within each of the four categories above. The Comprehensive Skills Assessment results categorize the skills and knowledge of the individual being assessed into one of our four levels of accomplishment: Developing, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.

How Our Classes Work

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Employees often talk about wanting a career path but are unsure where they fit in their profession. Learning on-demand classes builds and develops the professional skills an individual needs to continue to grow and progress with your company and your industry over time.

Courses can be taken on a PC, a Mac, a tablet, or a smartphone. A student requires a simple internet connection to access all course materials. Supplemental reading for each class is available as a PDF, so a PDF reader is recommended for students using smartphones or tablets. Students will need access to speakers for video clips and audio tracks.

Our classes are categorized by department, job function, and skill level to ensure you can target the right skills. Our learning on-demand programs cover the Parts business, the Service business, and Inside and Outside Selling and Marketing of Product Support.

Upon registration in a Learning Without Scars course, each new enrollee will receive a "welcome" email upon their enrollment. This email includes the name of the course and the work it entails. This welcome email will include a link to a video tutorial on how our classes work. The student receives an email with their login credentials and may begin their coursework.

Bring the classroom to you, wherever and whenever you're ready! Our online classes build employee mastery in their profession. Our learning on-demand courses offer knowledge, skills, and tools needed for their position to each student.

Each job position, such as Parts Manager, contains about twenty classes. In total, we currently offer 94 different online classes. Each training module/class typically takes 2-3 hours to complete and costs $125.00. The Comprehensive Skill Assessment will determine how many course modules are needed for employees to become fully certified in their current position or additional classes needed when considered for a promotion, transfer or to cross train in another position. 

Our clients are multi-store equipment dealerships and smaller companies with front-line employees in their Service and Parts departments. Courses are designed for those who regularly interact with customers and, when appropriately trained, can significantly affect customer satisfaction and overall product support sales. As many companies return to full growth mode, a key focus is significantly growing their product support sales revenue in 2022 and beyond.

Like many employee training/growth programs, implementation is critical. Our instructors and advisers will work with your team to share best practice ideas to help customize a program that fits your goals and budget and offers the most return on your investment.

M&T  is staffed by seasoned semi-retired equipment industry corporate managers. We have successfully managed multi-branch Service, Parts, Outside Product Support Reps, New and Used Sales, and Rental Groups, and worked with various brands and types of equipment and trucks.

We combined our many years of hands-on dealership experience to create a unique buffet of affordable Product Support Growth Solutions designed specifically for our equipment industry clients. We provide Consulting, Recruitment, Speciality Job Boards, On-Line Search Systems, and Skill Assessments/Training/Testing for those in Service, Parts, Sales, and Rental. 

Now you have the best resources available in the equipment industry to reduce bad hires, address your current employee's long-term training and personal growth needs and significantly increase Customer Satisfaction, Product Support Sales, and profits.

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