Recruiting Services


Who is Mechanics and Techs LLC?

M&T was designed and is staffed by seasoned semi-retired equipment industry corporate managers. We have successfully managed multi-branch Service, Parts, Outside Product Support Reps, Rental Companies, New, Used Sales and worked with a wide variety of brands and types of equipment and trucks.

We combined our many years of hands-on experience and mentoring to create a unique buffet of affordable Product Support Growth Solutions specifically designed for our clients. Today we are the preferred recruiters of large and small companies around the country and a key advertiser for member companies of the  American Rental Association.

We are the only company in the U.S that offers a full buffet of unique (PMP) People Management Programs. We provide Consulting, Recruitment, Speciality Job Boards, and Web 365 On-Line Search Systems.

We also offer LWS (IACET) Certified Assessments, Training, and Position Testing for those in Service and Parts. LWS is a great tool to help you provide certified position training and promotion from within, which will reduce your reliance on hiring new people and will energize your current employees with a path to learn, grow and advance.          

Mechanics and Techs LLC is like having your very own successful recruiting department, but only when you need us.

As our clients return to Full Growth Mode, many companies are having trouble finding and hiring the qualified Technicians and other candidates needed to fill their open positions? Let us work with your HR team or hiring managers to help find suitable candidates for you at a reasonable price. Our recruitment fee is less than most companies offer as a typical sign-on bonus.

Positions we recruit:     

Corporate, Regional, or Branch Management, Service Manager, Shop Foreman, Technicians, Service Writers, Dispatchers, Telematics, Trainers, Service Admins, Warranty Administrators, AR - AP, Inventory Control Managers, Parts Managers, Parts Counter Sales, (CSA/PSR), Rental and Sales Reps.

Cost: Average Technician recruitment fee $2800/$3100 - Recruitment fee for non-techs is 7/10 percent of first-year estimated earnings.

Technician Assessment and Testing:

We currently offer Diesel Equipment Technician and Rental Equipment Technician skill assessments with Agricultural Equipment Technician, Forklift, and Crane Techs coming soon. 

Our Comprehensive Technician Skills Assessments focus on four key areas:

Engine, Drivetrain, Electrical, and Hydraulics  

When considering hiring a new Technician, your Service Managers no longer need to guess a technician's skill and knowledge level or their true pay range. Let us show you how our clients use this program to hire needed techs and the proven method to keep them.



If you're the owner or a senior manager involved in Service and Parts Operations Management, you likely have asked yourself or have been asked three critical questions.

  • How can we significantly increase our product support revenue? 
  • How can we do a better job of supporting our customers? 
  • Do we know if we have experienced people who possess the knowledge and skills needed to do their job correctly? 

Why is that important?

Over 90% of your customers consider the product support they receive after purchasing a piece of equipment as their number one consideration when making their next purchase decision. Your parts and service employees are your front line in providing your customers the support they were promised and now expect.

The knowledge and skills managers need to affect Product Support Sales Growth require many years of training. Many senior and department managers are in positions where they spend most of their time putting out fires and handling the department's day-to-day operations but struggle with finding the time to build a long-term Growth Action Plan.

Our equipment veterans will work one-on-one with your managers to build and implement a detailed plan that will significantly increase your company's Customer Satisfaction Rates, Service and Parts Revenues, and Market Share.      

We would love to talk with you about our services and how we can provide you with the answers to the three questions asked above and hundreds of more.

Please contact if you want more information on our services or pricing.